Speedmark Security Services will provide you with certified and well-trained Security Officers.
Most of the Security Officers are Ex-servicemen. The Security Officers are screened to the standards of the Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka.,

  1. Our Security personnel submits to a series of aptitude tests, and extensive in-service training regarding Industrial Security and defense tac
    cs. Prior to the commencement of a Contract, we provide you with the full applicants investigation of each proposed Security Officer. We manned well trained, energetic, and customer-oriented security personnel who are always properly uniformed and well-groomed. At Speemark, all employees are taught the value and importance of teamwork and discipline.
  2. On-Site Training – When Speedmark commence a Contract, we provide an On-Site Training Officer to ensure strict adherence to general orders and to our Rules, Regulations and Functions of our Organization. On-Site Training Officers will ensure our Client’s duties a ached to the Unit need and special duties a ached to the Unit in order to give the best services at all times
  3. Permanent Team – We believe in employing permanent Security personnel to our Clients. Unlike most Security Services that consistently rotate Security personnel between Clients, Speedmark Security Services will provide a permanent team and backup Security personnel to the entire satisfaction of our Clients. Speedmark Security Service has taken a unique approach to the business of Contract Security. Furthermore, many of our competitors, employ minimally screened and trained Security Guards. Our strategy enables us to minimize the of property or injury to persons within the facility.